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Welcome to Brihatmann

Brihatmann organization has been established under the benign guidance and blessings of the Supreme Lord Shree Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy / the Almighty who is dwelling in the heart of each and every Being in the form of Divine Light and Life force irrespective of Caste, Creed, Nationality, Religion, Race, Color, Space, Time etc. - This resonates to "Anthascharathi Bhootheshu Guhayam Vishwamurthishu” and "Anthar Bhahischa Jagath Tatsarvam Vaapya Narayana Stithaha". The Supreme Lord or the Almighty who is Omni pervasive, Omnipotent and Omnipresent manifesting and expressing Himself in all the forms of Living and Non Living things including the Galaxy and Space. To be demonstrative, He is manifesting and expressing Himself in the form of Human Beings, Animals, Insects, M....

Vision & Mission


To become the "Universal Centre" for Spiritual Development and Self Evolution to serve the Mankind unconditionally and attain the Moksham / Salvation the Ultimate Goal of Human Life.


Help the Mankind to Understand, Realize and Experience the significance and importance of Inner Self (GOD) to establish the Universal brotherhood, Peace and Harmony across the Globe.....


Those who are interested in contributing/donating for the good cause may contribute.

Please find below the Account Details

Account Number: 1262000100098301
Karnataka Bank Ltd,
Banasavadi Branch,
Bangalore 560043
IFSC: KARB0000126

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Building and Managing the Temples

Building and Managing the temples of Supreme Lord Shree Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy to strengthen the Sanaathana Dharma on this Mother Earth with which redirecting and assisting the Souls to fi

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Establishing the Goshaala

Establishing the Goshaala for the welfare of the Mankind and the Universe. And with this, propagating the Universal Peace and Harmony across all Sects and Culture as the Sacred COW is the symbo

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Establishing the Veda Paata Shala

Establishing the Veda Paata Shala to Unravel, Inculcate and Reinforce the true meaning of Life and Self realization (God realization) which are hidden in the Holy Scripts called the Vedas, Upan

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Establishing the Yaaga Shaala

Establishing the Yaaga Shaala as there is a need to establish the contact or connectivity with the Source of Origin or the God and it is made possible only through the Penance, Yagnaas and Yaag

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Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall -- When we start evolving, there is a need to establish a permanent contact with the Supreme Being or the Lord who dwells in our Heart or Core of our existence in the form of Di

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Establish the Anna Kuteeram

Establish the Anna Kuteeram -- In order to realize and serve the God and as well the Society, we need to have the physical sustenance and for which we need to have a proper and nourishing food

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Medical Camps / Hospitals

Medical Camps / Hospitals -- In order to maintain the good health of the Devotees and the Society, we need to have a medical assistance as and when required…. There is a need to align Oursel

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Educational Institution

Educational Institution -- Establish the educational institutions on the platform of Scientific, Astronomical Research, Engineering, Environmental, Economical, Social, Legal, Medicinal, Altern

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